Bath Bomb Products for Pets and the House

There are several bath bombs you can purchase that can help you take care of your pet and the housework. Some will make a good aromatherapy agent and some will help you relax.

The bath bomb for aromatherapy is lavender. You should store it in a cupboard away from hot temperatures and extreme temperatures. It can be stored in any type of airtight container and it won’t smell like perfumes. It is not recommended to use this bath bomb in very high concentrations.

For relaxing purposes, you can mix the bath bomb with lemon bath bomb. It can be added as an alternative to the lavender. Just add enough bath bomb to the lemon bath bomb to make a drop. If you don’t want to mix the bath bombs, then you can just pour the bath bomb onto a warm bath and let it soak in for about 15 minutes.

Another soothing and healing bath bomb is cedarwood bath bomb. This type can be found from many custom bath bomb boxes and brands in North America and in Europe. It has a very nice aroma and can be used for both therapeutic and healing purposes.

The tea tree oil can be diluted with some water and applied to pets. You can dilute it with hot water and rub it on the pet. It’s best if the pet doesn’t wag his tail as this can cause additional irritation. This bath bomb can be made by steeping the tea tree oil in water for about two hours.

There are some bath bombs that can be used as foot scrubs. You can mix these with bath bombs for massage. Just add it to water and shake it up. It can be sprayed onto the feet and massaged for about five minutes.

You can find out how effective herbal remedies are for you and your pets by using these alternative bath bombs. You will also be able to discover how to use the different types of bath bombs for aromatherapy.