Choosing the Right Horse Food

When browsing through the various aisles of a local store, it’s most likely that you must have noticed a wide range of horse food available. Regional brands, national brands, and other local manufacturers, all often crowd the shelves, adding to a great confusion. So, which horse food is right for your horse? Here is a useful guide of things to consider when you need to contemplate your horse feed selection.

So begin assessing your:

  • Horse’s level of activity
  • The life stage of the horse
  • Horse food budget
  • Any health problems your horse might have

Most horse food at Barastoc are designed for meeting the specific nutrient needs of activity levels and life stages of a horse and mostly would specify on the packaging for what they are formulated or designed for. When you estimate the level of activity of your horse, be reasonable while you do classification as overfeeding energy could make him “hot”, and thus might gain unwanted weight. So, try to switch to a lower energy food like a balancer and a maintenance feed. Most maintenance feeds are specially formulated to offer mid to lower energy levels.

If your horse is suffering from a specific health issue that could be influenced by its feed ensure to read all the information on the bag, ask your veterinarian or the manufacturer directly. For e.g. the horses having a history of feed-related laminitis are generally best suited to a ration balancer or diet feed that offers much-needed vitamins and minerals and keeps starch levels also under control.

Next, you must even consider your budget. The benefits and features of horse food can typically drive up the cost factor; so you must find out whether you can afford the feed product at the feeding levels recommended. Note that even feeding rates could vary between various products or brands and this could influence the price of feed per horse, per day; therefore, it is not enough considering only the cost of per bag alone. When you feed an inexpensive feed but load it with other supplements as well, it might cost you more, rather than buying a commercial full feed and cutting out supplements.

Complete horse food at Barastoc, is formulated with all the essential nutrients for meeting the requirements of your horse in the proper ratio as well. If you are choosing a complete feed, make sure to follow all the feeding instructions closely and also monitor the horse’s weight by accessing its body condition score and then calculating its weight periodically.

If you are interested in buying the best and high-end feed as well as supplements to cater to various essential requirements of your horse, which includes conditioning, physical health, and overall conditioning, choose horse food at Barastoc. All their feeds are Australian-made as well as owned, using the finest quality grains that are sourced from farmers from all around the country. If you need any assistance, you can speak with their experts, and they can guide you on which horse food is best for your equine.