Dog Boarding Kennels – Top Tips for Nervous Pets

There are times when we all need to leave our dogs at home or at a professional dog boarding home. Although we’d like to bring our pets along every time, it just isn’t always possible. Sometimes family and friends aren’t available to take care of our pets and we need to bring them to a dog boarding kennel. If your dog is nervous about going to a boarding facility, these tips will help with the process.

Expose Them to a Home Kennel

If your dog isn’t used to staying in a kennel, you can first expose them to one at home. If they are used to roaming freely around your house, they may feel uneasy at a kennel. One way to get to use to it is to introduce one into your yard. Remember not to force them into it, allow them to explore it for themselves by leaving their favourite toy or meal inside. Specialists in dog boarding kennels in Sydney believe this is one way to help a worrisome dog get used to a new environment.

Short Intervals

Another great way to help a nervous pet adjust to boarding is to let them stay for one or two nights as opposed to leaving them there for 2 weeks or more just as you depart on your travels. This short time stay will allow them to adapt to their new surroundings and they’ll be more comfortable when they have to stay for longer periods.

Fun Facility

When dogs are well taken care of, they forget about their fears and start to enjoy their stay. You should do some research on the facility to see what others have to say about it. It should have a pet-friendly programme that includes plenty of fun activities. A dog boarding facility must also have all the basics, such as:

  • Spotlessly clean & safe kennels
  • Spacious exercise area
  • Experienced & highly trained personnel

Look at the amenities on offer and speak to some of the staff at the boarding kennel.

Bring a Friend

If you’ve more than one dog, it is a lot easier to leave them in a kennel together. When planning a holiday, try to find a facility which allows them to stay together. A nervous dog will benefit greatly from having a buddy by their side.

Food, Toys & Treats

Anxiety can get worse if dogs are forced to eat food and play with toys they are unfamiliar with. To prevent this from happening, you should bring their own food and also pack some of their favourite toys and snacks. All of these familiar items will make the transition from home to a dog boarding kennel a lot easier.

It is normal for some dogs to feel anxious about going to stay in a dog boarding kennel. They are comfortable in their surroundings and anything out of the ordinary can confuse and frighten them. If you want to make the transition simpler, try the tops mentioned in this article. And always remember to use the same kennel to help reduce anxiety.