General Information to Help You Know the Best Emotional Support Dog Breeds

There is no faithful companion on Earth like a dog. All dogs are quite supportable and love you unconditionally lifelong. Some dog breeds go beyond love and friendship. They are your emotional support, never waver in providing you their companionship, thus always there for you whenever needed. Some kind of dogs are popular as best emotional supporters. They are the best help to keep your mental well being intact.  They are fondly known as Emotional Support Animals, in short known as ESA.

What exactly ESA do for human beings?

  • They provide therapeutic healing to recover from emotional breakdown.
  • Their unconditional love and companionship doesn’t let its owner stay depressed for long.
  • They are never aggressive, always gentle in behavior.

If you are planning to own emotional supportive dogs, make sure to know the kinds providing you the best support.

Here are few well known dog breeds to choose from:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier
    • These dogs are quite suitable to adopt, if you want a well-behaved supportive dog.
  • Golden Retriever
    • If you are searching for lovely looking sweet dog always ready to stay with you, then this breed will be right choice. This furry animal can be your jogging partner, play along hunter and even act as a service dog.
  • Labrador retriever
    • Since decades this dog has been life supportive animal always preferred to be along while doing strenuous physical activities like hunting, hiking or while enjoying other outdoor sports.
  • Brussels Griffon or the lovely monkey face dog
    • Well known as cheerful, always affectionate and lovely to hug. This small size pooch has been always a favourite pet among children and female dog lovers alike.
  • Cavalier king Charles Spaniel
    • If you are looking for great cuddly dog always craving to be kept close to its owner, then go for this kind of breed.
  • Corgis
    • The most preferred animal for homes, even helpful to guard your property as they are intelligent and if well trained can be the best obedient pet.
  • Yorkshire terrier
    • The best loyal animal lovely to be always with you wherever you go.
  • Old English Sheep dog.
    • The shaggy coat dog is all time snuggling pet, obedient, intelligent and well behaved.
  • Irish wolfhound
    • This giant size dog is one of the most affectionate and is quite active too. The dog is a great companion for your kids and watch dogs to keep them safe as well.

You need to register an ESA dog after purchase and thus you can gain detailed information on how to register an ESA dog from popular dog pet site