How to Get Ready for a New Dog

A new dog is a big commitment and it’s important to be ready for its arrival. Dogs have become more popular due to people increasingly working from home, and if you’re planning to join the new dog club, here’s what you need to do before going to pick it up.

Get the right equipment together

New dog owners should make sure they have the basics before the dog arrives:

  • Food and water bowls
  • A crate and bed
  • A harness and leash that is the correct size
  • A puppy pen
  • Plenty of toys

It can be annoying to rush out and get the things you need when you have a puppy at home, so make sure you are stocked up.

Register with a vet

Many pet owners wait until there’s an emergency to find their local vet and get registered, but it’s worth finding a vets Leek as soon as you get a pet. This means if your dog gets ill or injured, you immediately know where to take them and don’t have to go through the registration process, as it’s already been done. You can also make sure your dog is booked in for spaying or neutering, which needs to be done at the right time and shouldn’t be put off.

A dog can be an excellent addition to the family, but it’s essential to put things in place before you get one. Dogs need a lot of equipment, and you should make sure they can settle comfortably in your house when they arrive, ensuring a good start to your relationship.