Learn About Owning & Running a Dog Boarding Facility

If you are an animal lover and would want to start a business, a dog boarding facility could be a great choice. More people in the US are interested in adopting pets, especially dogs, and if recent reports and data are to be believed, the forecasts for pet car & grooming business are incredible. In this post, we are discussing more on owning and running a dog boarding facility.

  • Think of franchising. Starting a pet care business from scratch and taking care of the marketing & promotions to create a bread can take considerable time. If you want to start making money immediately, go for a franchise, such as Hounds Town USA. Franchisors offer all the support and assistance you need to get started, so there are lesser chances of making expensive mistakes.
  • Know your niche. The concept of dog boarding and daycare is fun and lucrative for sure, but owners need to have a hands-on approach in management of the facility. Many pet owners want to meet the owner, and you need to know your dog breeds, how to handle different kinds of breeds and sizes of dogs, and if needed, you must be able to offer information to owners.
  • Figure out the services. Some franchises and facilities only offer daycare services, while others offer overnight stay, pet grooming, & spa services. It is absolutely critical that you are aware of what you intend to offer, so that customers have realistic expectations right from day one.

  • Get the best handlers and professionals. You need to have a team that can be relied on for handling different types of dogs. Dogs often have unique temperaments, food, and other needs, and having a core mix of professional people within the facility comes in handy. Even if you need to pay more in salaries, don’t compromise on this.
  • Know your market. Every location has room for a dog boarding service, but there are a few things to consider. For example, how many pet owners are there in the area? How many other dog boarding options can be considered immediate competitors?

Finally, consider your budget per month. Besides the franchise cost and upfront investment, you will need money to survive for the first couple of months at the least, before business is stable. Ensure that you keep a part of the entire budget aside for marketing and promoting your dog boarding.