Puppy’s First Day Out: What They Need for a Fun and Safe Time

Is your puppy about to go on his first day out and experience his first-ever walk around the park or neighborhood? This is such an amazing milestone!

But wait! Before you head on out, there are things you need to prepare for your pup as he ventures to the great outdoors. This article will provide a list of what you need and tips for your pup to have the best time.

  1. Check with the vet

Make sure that you take your puppy to the vet and clear out any illnesses or conditions. Furthermore, make sure your puppy has all of the appropriate vaccinations to eradicate the risk of serious health issues. This will protect your puppy from various diseases that can be caught from the outdoors, or from other dogs.

  1. What to Bring

After you are given the go signal by the vet, the next thing to do is to invest in the right gear!

Bring a lot of treats, poo bags, his ID tags, and a pet water bottle from PetSwag so he stays hydrated. Most importantly, bring his leash and collar for him to wear for his walk! Let your pup get used to wearing the collar and leash first by introducing him to it, letting him sniff and play with it.

While you may want to consider using a no pull dog harness, this may be best for when he is bigger and older. A harness may put too much restraint and discomfort.

  1. Consider training before walking

It’s understandable to see your puppy so excited to go outside! This is very cute to see, but overexcitement can lead to danger, especially when he tries to escape his collar or walks into a busy street.

This is why it may be best to train your puppy before heading out, even starting off with basic commands like ‘start’ and ‘stop’. This will help with your pup’s walking development and lessen the chance of anything unpredictable from happening.

Furthermore, teach your pup to stay calm, making sure they are sitting still before you give them praise and head on out.

  1. Socialize your pup

Expect your puppy to interact with other humans and dogs when he is out. This is why you need to introduce your pup to other animals in controlled environments before you take him to the big world. That way, he won’t feel anxious or fearful when he sees other humans and pups.

You may want to introduce him to other friends’ dogs or enroll him in puppy daycare or classes for him to socialize with. Invite family and friends over as well, so he can get accustomed to being around other humans!

Wrapping It Up

While it may be exciting to bring your puppy out for his first walk right away, you should prepare ahead to ensure his safety. That way, he will have fun and go home looking forward to even more days out in the future!