Should I buy a DNA tested dog?

With canine DNA testing being so affordable and available today, many people ask should I buy a DNA tested a dog? There could be several advantages to purchasing a dog that has had a DNA test. These tests answer a variety of questions regarding a dog’s ancestry. This is useful information for those wishing to plan for possible health challenges in the future, or when considering breeding a dog.

For those purchasing a registered dog with the intent of breeding him in the future, having a DNA test can help confirm the dog’s ancestry and pedigree. A canine DNA test is more reliable than just papers from a canine registration organization. DNA tests scientifically identify the breed and heritage of the dog. This information confirms that the dog came from parents that are in good health with sound temperaments.

People who have adopted mixed breed dogs often find the information provided by a dog DNA test is useful for identifying behaviors and possible health challenges associated with their genetics. 

For instance, someone may adopt a slightly fluffy black and white dog and believe that it is a Border Collie Kelpie Cross breed. When the DNA test reveals that the dog is instead part Pointer, part Husky, it often clarifies why the dog may be more prone to wandering instead of staying close by when off leash. 

Common behavioral traits are only one of the reasons that are helpful to know your dog’s genetic makeup. Certain breeds can be prone to particular health issues that are less serious if they are preventable or manageable when caught early. 

If your adopted mix is prone to certain cancers, you will know to keep a close eye out for signs and symptoms. You may manage your dog’s activity and weight more closely if you know in advance they may develop hip dysplasia as they age.

Genetics have as much impact on health and behavior as a dog’s environment does, and though a DNA test will not provide all the information needed to have a well-balanced healthy dog, it is useful information. If DNA testing is available for the dog you are planning to buy or adopt, it should be considered an added value.