The Growing Demand for Pet Boarding Services: An Overview!

Did you known that more than 85 million people in the US own a pet? While people may talk of recession and dwindling economy, most pet owners don’t make any sacrifices as far as pet care is concerned. Pet owners have to travel all the time for one reason or the other, or sometimes, they simply need a daycare facility that can care for their beloved pooch while they are away at work. The rising pet care industry has ensured that people have more choices than ever before. As in any industry, not all daycare and overnight boarding facilities are the same, so it is necessary to do some initial homework.

In this post, we take a look at the growing demand for growing demand for pet boarding services.

The evolving nature of pet boarding facilities

For the longest time, pet owners had no choice but to pay for boarding facilities called the kennels, which seemed no better than a standard animal shelter. Pets would be crammed into small kennels or crates for hours, and it was only a matter of time that more private boarding facilities came up, and these started to offer professional services. Now, we have what’s called “doggie daycare” services, where dogs have all the space they need and the scope to mingle with other animals. Then, there are also overnight boarding centers, where dogs can stay overnight. For those who have to travel for work or personal seasons, these overnight boarding centers are incredibly useful, because they don’t need to find a friend each time for pet sitting.

Think beyond standard pet sitters

Does the growth of pet boarding facilities mean that pet sitters would be out of business? Not really, say the experts. Daycare and boarding facilities have some incredible advantages over regular pet sitters. Pet owners are usually anxious about leaving their pets behind, and as a result, they often end up paying astronomical fees. There is, however, no guarantee that the pet sitter is offering the services as promised. Instead, pet boarding facilities are offering more comprehensive services, at a much more competitive price. You can expect to get genuine assistance on queries, and your pet will have a professionally-managed space to hang around, under 24×7 guidance of experienced workers and pet sitters.

Many investors are investing extensively in pet boarding facilities and daycare services, because this is an investment bound to yield returns.