Top 3 Dog Training in Houston, Tx

When it comes to training a dog in Houston, there are many companies serving at their best. All are good in one way or the other and have their own specialties. But, here is the rundown of top 3 Houston dog training companies working the best for the betterment of dogs’ lives.

Off Leash K9 Training LLC

The top rated dog training center in Houston and is spread across 130 locations nation-wide. The professionals and experts here help to make a dog distraction proof, off-leash and obedient regardless of dog’s age and breed. They help the dog owners to understand their dog’s behavior and possible reasons behind any particular behavior. The training techniques here work for the betterment of both canines and their owners. The training programs available for dogs here are:

  • Puppy training and consultation
  • Basic obedience dog training
  • 8-week aggressive dog training class
  • 2 month dog training therapy program


Aggression/ Reactivity issues and basic obedience, socialization, nose work, puppy consultation, dog behavior consultation, stop unwanted behavior, distraction-proof, private lessons, distraction and crate training, advanced obedience etc.

Peace Love And Dogs

One of the best Houston dog training centers located at 9619 Yupondale Dr. The professionals here are experts in converting every moment of training into an opportunity for both dogs and their owner. They are keen to provide a super fun, controlled and safe environment, so that the dog could enjoy their learning process. Their goal is to train each dog with love and patience and help  them develop a strong bond between dogs and their owners. Training programs offered by Peace Love and Dogs are:

  • Private dog training
  • Puppy training group classes
  • Beginner, intermediate or advanced skills programs for 6 weeks duration


Trust building, AKC trick dog class, socialization, group adult dog training, potty and mark outside only, loose leash walking, interactive puzzles, wait at doors and gates, impulse control, AKC canine good citizen, human handling, basic and advanced skills etc.

Sit Means Sit Houston And Katty

A well known Houston dog training center for dogs of all ages and breeds. They have multiple dog training outlets across the country. The well experienced chain of trainers here are keen to deliver encouraging and positive training to dogs to help them reach their behavioral goals. The team here deals with a variety of dog issues such as puppy training, some severe issues related to aggression and anxiety etc.  They train the dogs to make them live their life healthy and happily and to nurture their relationships with the owner.


Pet tech CPR and first aid, dock diving and therapy pool, board and review, AKC star puppy classes, lunch and learn, basic training, group classes, private lessons, board and train immersions etc.


All the above 3 Houston dog training centers are working best in the field of dog’s wellbeing. They serve to make a pet (dog) well behaved and help to boost the bond between the pet and their owners. Visit the centers for the overall betterment of a dog.