What Is So Interesting About The Raw Food Diet Of Dogs?

BARF is a common term referred to as a Biologically appropriate raw Food Diet, a substitute raw diet tailored to give dogs some alterations in the homemade diet. It involves natural muscle meat and meaty bones along with vegetables and fruits. They are healthy and beneficial for the dogs as it abandons processed foods.

It is one of the most popular raw diets for dogs. A BARF diet is homemade with different ingredients consisting of essential nutrients for the dogs, and they are a bit different from the PMR diet. The diet includes vegetables, nuts, and fruits which are beneficial when developing a complete and balanced raw diet. Raw Dog food is necessary for keeping the dogs healthy.

The Essential Components Of The Diet Are:

  • Raw Muscle Meat
  • Raw Edible Bone
  • Liver
  • Other Organs
  • Vegetables
  • Seeds And Nuts

Functions Of Essential Components

BARF diets include raw muscle meat to give adequate protein, amino acids, and digestive vitamins. The muscle meat ratio should be nearly 70% of the daily food intake.t is vital to remember that the muscle meat ratio does not imply feeding only muscle meat. This ratio is a broad category that includes a variety of essential ingredients like saturated fat for energy and muscular organs. Tender raw edible bones should be a necessary ingredient of bARF diets as they contain vital calcium, phosphorus, and other nutrients. The natural palatable bone ratio must regularly be 10% of the overall food intake. The amount of raw edible bone should adjust according to the needs of the dogs. For example, some dogs are comfortable enough with 12% to 15% actual meaty bone content.

The liver is the critical component of the BARF diet as it supports essential water-soluble vitamins and Vit A. The guideline for Liver consumption is about 5%, and one can adjust as per the requirement of individual dogs. Many dogs are comfortable with 2% liver consumption.

Among the other organs, the kidney is also an essential and beneficial component of the BARF diet, providing essential minerals and fat-soluble vitamins. The consumption of other organs is about 5% of the daily food intake, and the secreting organs are necessary for fulfilling the nutritional requirements of dogs.

Vegetables are efficient components of BARF diets to give essential nutrients and phytochemicals. The ratio of vegetable intake is 7%. They are necessary for the fulfillment of nutrient requirements for dogs. Seeds and nuts are also required to give the essential minerals, fatty acids, and water-soluble vitamins. The owners must soak the nuts and seeds before feeding them to the dogs. The basic form of nuts and seeds possesses phytates which can hinder the nutrition balance. So, soaking is necessary to decrease the level of phytates and helps the dogs to digest them. The recommended guideline for consumption of nuts is 2% of the overall food intake. One can also adjust the ratio according to the individual dog’s requirement.

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